Monday, February 28, 2011

Mein Klein Soldiers!

For Christmas, I was fortunate enough to receive a Great War Imperial German army (late war) from my grandparents. I scrapped my original idea for a sea of Pickelhaubes for an ocean of late war StoBtruppen in all of their camouflaged, helmed glory! I have had to research these models quite extensively, as I am more familiar with everything BUT WW1 insignias. These models are both officers in my army, and are awaiting basing.

This is one of my favourite officer models. I painted him looking up, as I would imagine there would be a lot of assorted debris and limbs flying about on the WW1 battlefield.

These beautiful sculpts come from Great War Miniatures, who never disappoint. The figures are very, very detailed, and I just think they're terrific. I used the Army painter Uniform Grey spray for these guys. I know that this isn't the EXACT grey used by the StoBtruppen, but it does match up satisfactorily. I will post more pictures in the future as this army becomes painted!

COMING SOON: 15mm Fantasy! Orcs! And in the distant future, Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry!

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