Painted Figures and Battle Ready Units!

Old West Models by Artizan Designs - Pinkerton Agents
$20 per figure, or $50 for all three

5 WW2 Soviet T-34 Tanks (15mm, Plastic Soldier Company)
This lot comes with 5 tank hulls. It also comes with 10 turrets; 5 T34/76 turrets, and 5 T34/85 turrets. Hand painted decals, and weathered for accuracy.
- $100

20 Skaven Clanrats (28mm, Games Workshop)
- $115

10 WW2 Commonwealth Infantry painted as Canadians (28mm, Warlord Games/ Bolt Action) 
10 man squad complete with two officers (one with the Thompson sub-machine gun, characteristic of Canadians), a Bren light machine gun, and seven riflemen with Lee Enfields.
- $50 

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