Thursday, April 28, 2011


I went back to my hometown this weekend, and went through all of my miniatures - a daunting and dangerous task. I found some Vikings to add to my new Dark Age Dublin Vikings army, and I also found about five tanks. Three Leman Russ, a Chimera, and a BANEBLADE! I will post some 40K pictures very soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I hear a rumble in the distance...

My Slavegiant! My favourite centerpiece in my Ogre Kingdoms army. I have just re-based him, and I think it looks great. It's a miracle what some rocks from outside can do! I made sure to include a few funny little gnoblars on the giant. I covered his gut in my army's signature hand prints, and a nice big ogre one on his forehead. As a slavegiant, I imagine that Ogres are not too kind to their monstrous war-servants, so I outfitted him with a black eye, spiked collar, whip marks across his back, and a brand in his thigh. This is one of my favourite models, and it has so much character. I'm excited to be receiving another giant in the near-future, so hopefully, when the new Ogre Kingdoms book comes out, the giant will be stubborn and useful, unlike now. What he lacks in effectiveness (maybe I just don't use him well enough), he makes up for in completing the look of my army.


  I just finished these two models from my Empire army. I've been playing around with colour schemes, and I like the yellow and green of Stirland. I have a few Nordland units, but I plan to do a bit of repainting once I get around to it! I gave them crossbows because they fit in with the rustic theme of Stirland, mounted on dappled greys.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Skaven! I finally started to paint my Island of Blood models, and finished 20 Skaven Clanrat Spearmen. I sprayed them all with the Army Painter's Uniform Grey spray. Apart from the tails, metal, spear staffs and miscellaneous red bits, the regiment is painted using Citadel Foundation Paints - Khemri Brown, and Gretchin Green for the raggedy rat clothes, Iyanden Darksun Yellow for the army bands and spear wraps, and Tallarn Flesh for, well, the flesh. I highlighted the fur on the arms and faces with Fortress Grey. To make the armour rusty and moldy, I used 50/50 sepia ink and dirty paint water! I used pale greens and browns to make them look extra plague-y! Some pictures are slightly blurry, so I apologize!

If you like what you see, I don't collect Skaven, so I will be selling them!


Due to some technical problems, we have a new email address! For commissions or inquiries about pre-painted models, email us at

Friday, April 1, 2011


I have LOADS of pictures! For these armies, I've had to tweak my painting style in order to do 15mm's justice. I've been using a lot of inks, and some dramatic highlighting, and I am very happy with the results! 

First, some Humans! I have two holy order soldiers, and a champion. There are also a few pics of some barbarian berserkers!
I like the 15mm figures, because (as you can see on the blue cloak) small details really stand out.
 These guys needed woad, so I brought out my woad-blue and went to town. These Conan-Braveheart looking fellows are amongst my favourite so far because they have so much character and detail.

I've been painting a lot of Orcs, because whether in 15 or 28mm, Orcs are always fun to paint. I did the skin for these Orcs in Citadel's Gretchin Green, with a wash of sepia, and a final highlight of the Citadel pale yellow foundry paint. They look pretty unique, as the green looks more earthy than typical bright green Orcs.


ORCS SKIRMISHERS - Remember these guys?

TROLLS! Another set of my favourite sculpts from this company!

 If you look carefully at the banner on the left, you can see that the paint is cracked, making it look like an old banner made of human, or dwarf, skin!

 Note the dwarf scalps on their belts...

I'm still trucking through these fantastic models. Thank you for the pictures, Ken! Stay tuned for more Demonworld models. Comments welcome!