Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Demonworld 15mm Orcs!

Here are some pictures from our latest commission: Demonworld 15mm! These are from the Empires series, and  are very nicely detailed for such a small scale! These are an example of some of the Orcs that I painted (Dan's busy with the beastmen of Ishtak). Upon hearing that these models are no longer available, I am quite sad as their ranges are vast and the models exquisite 

First up, are Orcs with swords and javelins

Next, are some Orc bowmen

And finally, some Orcs with great weapons (without shield transfers, for now!)

 These models are quite fun to paint, and I've been able to make full use of inks and washes. The quality of the sculpts makes painting not easy, but enjoyable and not too frustrating!

I've based some Roman Auxiliaries, and I will be starting them soon. Also, I have purchased some Gangs of New York models that I will post as I paint them. I've finished one Irish street fighter, and I am very excited to base him tonight!

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