Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TOURNAMENT MODELS 2 - The Iron Tyrant!

And now for one of the center pieces of my Ogre Kingdoms Army that I painted about 4 years ago... Otto the Iron Tyrant! Always leading my army into battle, he is converted to the max. His coat, boots, moustache, monocle, cane and sewing needle rapier! I also sculpted his scar. In his fluff, he was an Ogre left behind during a raid in the Empire. He was brought up by an Empire general, and gained his scar during a fencing match, in which he ate his opponent and was banished!

In all of his Ogre glory!

" And so, the Ogre who men call 'Otto the Iron Tyrant' pierced his rapier through the eye slit of the Black Orc Warboss, Grag Manflayer, killing him with speed and precision. Otto's fearsome grunt struck fear into the hearts of the enemy unit. The Black Orc regiment turned and ran into the river, and to their deaths. The Iron Tyrant swiped blood off of his Dwarf-forged rapier, yelling in Reikspiel, 
'Run, tiny green-kin! This land belongs to the Bloody Hands, and the Iron Tyrant!' "

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