Monday, February 28, 2011

Mein Klein Soldiers!

For Christmas, I was fortunate enough to receive a Great War Imperial German army (late war) from my grandparents. I scrapped my original idea for a sea of Pickelhaubes for an ocean of late war StoBtruppen in all of their camouflaged, helmed glory! I have had to research these models quite extensively, as I am more familiar with everything BUT WW1 insignias. These models are both officers in my army, and are awaiting basing.

This is one of my favourite officer models. I painted him looking up, as I would imagine there would be a lot of assorted debris and limbs flying about on the WW1 battlefield.

These beautiful sculpts come from Great War Miniatures, who never disappoint. The figures are very, very detailed, and I just think they're terrific. I used the Army painter Uniform Grey spray for these guys. I know that this isn't the EXACT grey used by the StoBtruppen, but it does match up satisfactorily. I will post more pictures in the future as this army becomes painted!

COMING SOON: 15mm Fantasy! Orcs! And in the distant future, Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TOURNAMENT MODELS 2 - The Iron Tyrant!

And now for one of the center pieces of my Ogre Kingdoms Army that I painted about 4 years ago... Otto the Iron Tyrant! Always leading my army into battle, he is converted to the max. His coat, boots, moustache, monocle, cane and sewing needle rapier! I also sculpted his scar. In his fluff, he was an Ogre left behind during a raid in the Empire. He was brought up by an Empire general, and gained his scar during a fencing match, in which he ate his opponent and was banished!

In all of his Ogre glory!

" And so, the Ogre who men call 'Otto the Iron Tyrant' pierced his rapier through the eye slit of the Black Orc Warboss, Grag Manflayer, killing him with speed and precision. Otto's fearsome grunt struck fear into the hearts of the enemy unit. The Black Orc regiment turned and ran into the river, and to their deaths. The Iron Tyrant swiped blood off of his Dwarf-forged rapier, yelling in Reikspiel, 
'Run, tiny green-kin! This land belongs to the Bloody Hands, and the Iron Tyrant!' "


Here is my army standard bearer holding the Bloody Hands' tribal banner! He's been converted, and, of course, has a nice little gnoblar on the base.


Here is my Bloodcrusher of Khorne! These cool (and quite expensive...) models are a lot of fun to paint! I've used a reverse colour scheme from one on the back of the box. I went with a black demon with red scales because they remind me of those creepy ash-creatures from Silent Hill, but with horns and a glowing hot sword!

And now for some details! I have some close-ups of the demon face, the Juggernaut and the glowing sword.

I went with a bright blue tongue to break up the black so that it would look truly other-worldly. I kept the Juggernaut fairly mechanical looking. The glowing sword at the bottom was painted with a basecoat of scab red, a highlight of blood red, and blazing orange with some bleached bone around the corners and down the center of the blade. The hilt is brazen brass and boltgun metal mixed.

I plan to sell this fine fellow and his two friends at some point. They are currently based on Warhammer 40K bases (quite desolate looking!) and also come with three finished fantasy bases done in regular earth fashion with static grass, except where the Juggernaut has stepped down on the ground, there are patches where the ground is desolate looking and the static grass is burnt and dry, very cool!

Let me know if you're interested! Also, comments are welcome!

Monday, February 14, 2011


 THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! And he is drunk. This is such a great model from Warlord Games' English Civil War range. Each model in the Highlanders boxed set is so full of character, and is so much fun to paint. The tartans are a great challenge as well, and I'm always up for a painting challenge! The belly hanging out is by far by favourite part, also the fact that he fights with a large kitchen knife, Henckel perhaps?

         This is a sample of one of my highlanders for English Civil War wargaming. Old Angus here is sporting a kilt of my own design! Most of my other highlanders have actual clan tartans. He is almost finished as I only have the base left to do when I can gather some slate from the park after the snow melts.

Movin' On Up!

For years, I have referred to The Miniatures Page for gaming and painting advice, and now, Gobbo King Painting is up and listed under their painting services! Be sure to give it a look! I'm very excited, such an honour to be up in such a terrific web-magazine!

For those of you who are interested in buying 20 zombies, with conversions and gore galore, please email us! If our first post doesn't wet your paint palette enough, then I can send you more pictures if you let me know! I will also have three Bloodcrushers of Khorne on sale. I will post pictures of them post-haste!