Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here is my Bloodcrusher of Khorne! These cool (and quite expensive...) models are a lot of fun to paint! I've used a reverse colour scheme from one on the back of the box. I went with a black demon with red scales because they remind me of those creepy ash-creatures from Silent Hill, but with horns and a glowing hot sword!

And now for some details! I have some close-ups of the demon face, the Juggernaut and the glowing sword.

I went with a bright blue tongue to break up the black so that it would look truly other-worldly. I kept the Juggernaut fairly mechanical looking. The glowing sword at the bottom was painted with a basecoat of scab red, a highlight of blood red, and blazing orange with some bleached bone around the corners and down the center of the blade. The hilt is brazen brass and boltgun metal mixed.

I plan to sell this fine fellow and his two friends at some point. They are currently based on Warhammer 40K bases (quite desolate looking!) and also come with three finished fantasy bases done in regular earth fashion with static grass, except where the Juggernaut has stepped down on the ground, there are patches where the ground is desolate looking and the static grass is burnt and dry, very cool!

Let me know if you're interested! Also, comments are welcome!

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