Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ogre Bruiser

As a miniature painter and Ogre Kingdoms player, I have been drawn to conversions like a moth to the flame! This Bruiser was a weekend project: to convert and paint a new bruiser using a random handful of mixed bitz, paint him, and finish him by the end of the day. I decided to give him an Empire theme with some Bretonnian accents due to the men-at-arms shield I had in my random pile. I used an Ogre bull body, head and iron fist, and an Irongut arm to give him this dynamic "CHARGE!" pose. His hair and mustache were sculpted by me. I give you, Franz!

I figured that, despite the fact that my Bruiser looks Empire-esque, he sure wasn't educated there. I hope you enjoy my Ogre illiteracy bellow! He always takes his to-do list into battle.

Here is his shield with the great maw and my trademark gobbo print!

Here's what my opponents (and Dan's squishy Dwarfs, hehe) see before they're crushed!

Here is a side view to show the luck laurel on his arm, and one of his Empire Knights shield grieves (and some fine single malts on his belt!)

Franz is an excellent addition to my Ogre Kingdoms army and makes a great leader for my decked out Empire Ironguts!

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