Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dark Elf Army, Finally Finished!

At long last, the Dark Elf project has (sadly) come to an end! Here are some pictures of the rest of the army.

First, we have the cold one knights. These models are great because the cold ones this time 'round are not as cartoony looking as the previous models. 

 Knight 1!
  The Musician

Here is a close-up on the cold one's face, all menacing-like!

The standard!

 Knight 2!

 The Champion!

Up next is the other monster: the dreaded Black Hydra (with red scales to match the other one)!
A matter of successive grey drybrushes and some direct highlighting made this project quick and enjoyable! 

I went with bright blue tongues to give them a poisonous/unhealthy look.

And finally, here are the Corsairs! I used a graphic highlighting method on the armour. My photo skills don't do them much justice, but I hope you enjoy them!

The Dark Elves are finished and are looking splendid!

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