Thursday, January 13, 2011

High Elves!

These High Elves from the Island of Blood boxed set are the main reason that I bought the set! Them, and the awesome kick start to a possible future Skaven army... Anywho! Here's a picture of the entire unit. I went with a  gold and red theme, the opposite of generic High Elves so they would stand out.

I'm a big fan of the masked fellows, so here are some pictures of them! They truly embody the elite infantry look!

I find the pose of the champion to be quite epic, as if he was about to lead a Zweihander charge! I painted the runes in a brilliant blue (enchanted blue with white, and some mithril silver!) to make the sword look all magical.

I think Dan's been feeling left out on the blog lately, so here are some pictures of models from his Dwarf army. they have a red theme (clearly) and though you can't see them in the pictures, the shields have amazing free hand mountain runes painted onto them. I will post more of Dan's models at some point!

Here's Dan's thane on oath stone. The stone itself is hand carved by yours truly.

Our big Dark Elf project is almost complete! All we have are a hydra, some corsairs, executioners, and knights to finish. Finished in no time! I'll be sure to post some pictures of some of my historical models at some point!

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  1. Those epic you paint so good :) I would like to learn some of your techniques ^^