Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gobbo King Hits the Net!

Zombies are terrific fun to paint. They are bulky, slow, rotting masses of painting/converting bliss! I've posted some pictures of some of our zombie models. We've been experimenting with skin tones for dead flesh, and different reds for blood and gore. The zombie with the sword in his head is my personal favourite! 

This next zombie was inspired by the new Walking Dead series! That creepy zombie dragging itself along the ground, terrifying! We decided to add some guts dragging behind him.

This fine fellow is another conversion piece. The battle standard is made from an Empire Knight's body and arms (one of which has been gnawed down to the bone by zombies) and a cannon crewman's head. Added guts, of course!

More zombies!

Ten more zombies to finish to get this regiment done, will post more pictures when they are finished! 

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