Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I hear a rumble in the distance...

My Slavegiant! My favourite centerpiece in my Ogre Kingdoms army. I have just re-based him, and I think it looks great. It's a miracle what some rocks from outside can do! I made sure to include a few funny little gnoblars on the giant. I covered his gut in my army's signature hand prints, and a nice big ogre one on his forehead. As a slavegiant, I imagine that Ogres are not too kind to their monstrous war-servants, so I outfitted him with a black eye, spiked collar, whip marks across his back, and a brand in his thigh. This is one of my favourite models, and it has so much character. I'm excited to be receiving another giant in the near-future, so hopefully, when the new Ogre Kingdoms book comes out, the giant will be stubborn and useful, unlike now. What he lacks in effectiveness (maybe I just don't use him well enough), he makes up for in completing the look of my army.

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