Monday, April 18, 2011


Skaven! I finally started to paint my Island of Blood models, and finished 20 Skaven Clanrat Spearmen. I sprayed them all with the Army Painter's Uniform Grey spray. Apart from the tails, metal, spear staffs and miscellaneous red bits, the regiment is painted using Citadel Foundation Paints - Khemri Brown, and Gretchin Green for the raggedy rat clothes, Iyanden Darksun Yellow for the army bands and spear wraps, and Tallarn Flesh for, well, the flesh. I highlighted the fur on the arms and faces with Fortress Grey. To make the armour rusty and moldy, I used 50/50 sepia ink and dirty paint water! I used pale greens and browns to make them look extra plague-y! Some pictures are slightly blurry, so I apologize!

If you like what you see, I don't collect Skaven, so I will be selling them!

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