Friday, May 13, 2011

WW2 Canadians: Algonquin Regiment

As a birthday present to myself, I picked up a boxed set of Late War British Infantry from Warlord Games (Bolt Action, I believe). These figures are great and are a lot of fun to paint. You get enough pieces to assemble 25 models, and you can give them Lee Enfields with or without bayonets, a Bren gun, 2 inch mortar, some revolver hands for officers, Sten guns (for the British) and Thompsons for Canadians (boom shaka!). Being from North Bay, I've decided to paint these with the Algonquin Regiment insignia on their arms (a bit of blue paint, yeah!). Here is a "teaser" of the unit, as I have not finished everyone yet. I have a Sergeant and a Corporal. 

I built the Sergeant, John "Gateway to the North" Bourke, in a pretty bad ass pose. He is hammering away with his Thompson, screaming, and I put a helmet with a bullet mark in it on the base to explain why the Sergeant is helmet-less. The other is Corporal Trout McIntyre dutifully wearing his assault-style helmet. To get a more green colour, typical of Canadian uniforms, I mixed a dark green and Vallejo's British Khaki. 

 The names that I have given these lads actually have some significance to my hometown, where the Algonquin regiment is situated. John Bourke was the first mayor of North Bay, as well as my great-great-great-great grandfather, and the city is known as the "Gateway to the North". Trout Lake is one of the two large lakes in the area, and McIntyre is one of the longest streets. I may have spent too much time thinking up these names... I think they're cool! 

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