Monday, May 30, 2011

Russian WW2 T34/76 (and 85) Tanks

I took a short break from painting High Elves today to post a few pictures of a new painting project. I am painting up a boxed set of 5 WW2 Russian T34/76 (or 85) tanks for 15mm miniature wargaming. They're from Plastic Soldier miniatures and are of great quality. These two are works in progress, as I have to weather them. I painted the slogans on myself, as well as the stars. I am painting them to sell, so if you would like to purchase them when they are finished, or are interested in purchasing them and would like specific sayings on the remaining 3 unpainted figures, please email me. Thanks!

This one tank reads, "For Staain"... so I'll fix it, hahaha.

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